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  • I have chosen Helena Lane Skincare for one simple reason - trust. Helena's products are effective, organic and made from hands that show concern for her clients through integrity, honesty and respectfulness. To work with and combine natural ingredients not only takes knowledge but a high level of intuition. Helena has all of this. As a result, my skin feels wonderful every day! I would highly recommend her products to every one of all ages! Thank you for your wisdom and care! I simply love your products!

  • I have loved watching peoples skin transform from one that was struggling in a cycle of imbalances, often from product dependence and irritants, to a skin that is authentically resilient and healthy. I constantly watch people's skin tone become clearer, brighter and more even as their skin receives the whole nutrients of Helena's simple sophisticated products.

    Victoria Smith, Owner, Body Wisdom Spa, Vancouver
  • I am 73 years old. Helena’s skincare had had a remarkable effect on my complexion as well as being so easy to use… I always assumed as I got older I would need more and heavier creams but with Helena’s skincare I find I use less and the results are better that I had ever imagined – I get so many compliments on my skin!

  • I’m in love with your Argan & Frankincense Serum. Its scent resonates with me in ways I didn’t know existed prior to discovering it. I use it day and night as I find it nourishes me well beyond a physical level, though physically it is wonderful too. Thank you for this product!

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Heat Wave Notice

Due to the extreme temperatures please be aware that some products may not arrive at their best. The moisturizers and hand and body creams are very likely to melt and lose their texture. Please consider switching to an alternative product (the facial oils are great this time of year) or waiting until things cool off to order these products.

Thank you for your understanding, Helena 

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