• I chose your products because they are 100% organic without faking it. Many large corporations claim to have all natural products and it just isn't the case. Your products have very few ingredients in them, which is something I look for. After trying the products I have seen a real difference in my skin. The process is simple and I love the fact that your philosophy is to eventually do less to the skin, not more. I believe it's a company that really wants to provide good products and help people, as opposed to making a ton of sales just to make a profit. The products are not only wonderful, they are affordable. Thanks for creating such a great line of products for a happy, healthy skin.

  • Hello. I'm a huge fan of your products. I have suffered from eczema since I was a little girl and discovered your products through Body Wisdom Spa in Vancouver a couple of years ago when I was experiencing a particularly extreme bout of eczema all over my face. Your products not only helped heal my skin, but since using them, my facial skin has been softer, smoother and I've had less blackheads and breakouts. My skin is so sensitive; sometimes even all natural products will irritate it. Your products just work for me. So thanks for that!

  • I have chosen Organic Lane Skincare for one simple reason - trust. Helena's products are effective, organic and made from hands that show concern for her clients through integrity, honesty and respectfulness. To work with and combine natural ingredients not only takes knowledge but a high level of intuition. Helena has all of this. As a result, my skin feels wonderful everyday! I would highly recommend her products to every one of all ages! Thank you for your wisdom and care! I simply love your products!

  • I am 73 years old. Helena’s skincare had had a remarkable effect on my complexion as well as being so easy to use. All I do is apply the Chamomile & Mandarin Cleanser at night, which effectively removes the London dirt and leaves my skin nourished, and smooth. In the morning, I spray with Rose & Frankincense Flower Water, a lovely refreshing start to the day and apply the Rose & Argan Moisturizer. As an additional boost and treat I occasionally use the Argan & Frankincense Serum. I always assumed as I got older I would need more and heavier creams but with Helena’s skincare I find I use less and the results are better that I had ever imagined – I get so many compliments on my skin!

  • I was introduced to Helena Lane products by Victoria at Body Wisdom Spa in Vancouver, and have been using them for several years. I use the oil cleansers, masks, and serums, all of which leave my skin feeling clean and moisturized. I especially like the white willow exfoliant which leaves my skin very smooth after. The idea of oil cleansing was new to me, and though skeptical at first, it's now the main way I cleanse my face. I love that Helena Lane's products are made locally, using simple, natural ingredients and a little goes a long way. I'm no longer drawn in by advertisements promising new "skin care miracles", because I know I'm using quality products, at affordable costs, that leave my skin feeling great.

  • I love them!! My skin is ultra-sensitive and not climatized to the dryness of my new home in Calgary. I've tried Murad, Sage, and many vegan cleansers and creams. Nothing worked. I was rashy, oily, dry, unbalanced and bumpy...not good! After weeks of using the sample pack for sensitive skin, my skin is glowing, soft and fabulous! I love that theory behind your ingredients...and they are vegan! Yay! Thank you! I have just bought some more and am spreading the word...Thank you for this!

  • The ingredients are simple, few and natural. My skin feels so much better and I truly enjoy my daily oil cleansing routine.

  • I met Helena a few years ago at a demo table and I was so taken by her honesty, integrity and how thoroughly she had both researched and knew her products. After using the products, I was taken aback by their quality and effectiveness on my skin. (I am 62 years old) I would highly recommend these most beautiful products!

  • My skin feels the best it has in years. It is acne- free, blemish-free and I no longer have redness when applying facial products on my sensitive skin. Thank you Helena Lane!

  • I have loved watching peoples skin transform from one that was struggling in a cycle of imbalances, often from product dependence and irritants, to a skin that is authentically resilient and healthy. I constantly watch people's skin tone become clearer, brighter and more even as their skin receives the whole nutrients of Helena's simple sophisticated products. I trust the integrity of Helena's ingredient choices and really enjoy her creativity and accuracy as she creates recipes and concoctions from her wealth of ingredient knowledge.

    Victoria Smith, Owner, Body Wisdom Spa, Vancouver
  • As soon as I tried the products I knew I wouldn’t be able to live without them! The scents are beautiful and the products themselves are very soothing and effective. I highly recommend Helena Lane’s skincare, it has changed my skin for the better.

  • First time I tried Helena Lane product was at the very busy time of my life. I was beyond stressed and it showed in my skin. I started to develop something that looked like mild eczema. The two products that saved my skin were the Chamomile Mandarin Cleanser and Hibiscus Berry mask. After the first treatment my skin was relieved of itching and soothing properties of a cleanser calmed the redness on my skin. From that moment on, these 2 products became staple in my skin care routine. And I've been using them few times a week since and recommending it daily! Thank you for all you do!

  • I love that the Helena Lane skin care range is wonderfully simple. It works simply by using high-quality, genuinely natural ingredients that remove the stress of complicated / fussy skin care products. My favourite product is the Lavender and White Willow mask but I also love the flower waters - a refreshing spritz in the morning. From that moment on, these 2 products became staple in my skin care routine. And I've been using them few times a week since and recommending it daily! Thank you for all you do!

    Joanna R
  • I have tried all kinds of organic skincare products and Helena Lane Skincare is by far the most outstanding. My skin just looked so much healthier and had a glow that many commented on. I now live in Kenya and have had to use other products that make me appreciate Helena Lane's incredible talents for skincare that works.

  • I have been using Helena Lane products for almost 4 years and can see what a great effect it has had on my skin. I used to suffer from blackheads, and even severe acne when I was younger. You cannot even tell now, apart from a few skin creases my skin is flawless. The cleanser has cleared up all my blackheads, and using the flower water, moisturizer and serum in combination has kept my skin soft and hydrated. I really can't believe all these lovely products are made of unrefined, natural products yet have such good results. Great, affordable products.

  • Since the introduction of the flower water I feel my skin’s texture has improved, which is something I’m looking for as a 40+ woman! Don’t even get me started on the serum – probably my favourite product. I love that the products are dead clean and local. Thank you very much!

  • I’m in love with your Argan & Frankincense Serum. Its scent resonates with me in ways I didn’t know existed prior to discovering it. I use it day and night as I find it nourishes me well beyond a physical level, though physically it is wonderful too. Thank you for this product!

  • I received the Balancing set and LOVE every product and cannot actually choose a favorite. The cleanser takes off ALL of my make-up, leaving my skin looking brighter and able to breathe. Of course, I have time…it takes less than 5 minutes! I actually look forward to this part of the day. As a busy working mom, this is something nice that I do for ME! It’s a mini pamper session every day. My skin looks brighter and feels nourished. My acne has decreased and although I still get the odd pimple they are quick to disappear and the products smell divine.