Natural Alternatives for Rosacea and Reactive Skin Types


“I bought the repair kit about 6 weeks ago now. I have such bad Rosacea and nothing has ever worked. I have never washed my face with anything but warm water and a cloth. All moisturizers have burned my skin. My face has never looked or felt this good. Its cleared up all my red blotchy skin and the rashes from the Rosacea. I wont ever use anything else. Thank you!!” ~ Jessica

The products in the Healing & Repairing Skincare Set were not part of my original line, launched just over 6 years ago now. But when I started doing regular store demonstrations, talking to many potential customers face to face I was asked time and time again “Do you have anything for rosacea skin?”.

I knew my products were free of all the main irritating ingredients that were harmful for this highly reactive skin type, but they did all contain essential oils. The problem with rosacea and essential oils is that what will be fine for one person will most definitely not be OK for another. I did have existing customers using some of my products happily, but I also knew that others had tried the same products without success.

All of a sudden, I was on a mission.

I needed to create a few products that would be suitable for all rosacea skins (and other reactive skin types). My excitement in this project grew as I realized how miserable the choices were for customers with skin like this. Most often recommended petroleum based, highly basic, very un-glamourous and very un-luxurious products. And whilst these drug store options may not be causing the skin to inflame and worsen, they certainly were not helping the skin to be healthier and stronger, making it more resilient and less likely to react to all the usual triggers. And to top it off, whilst the rest of us get to choose between endless textures and scents and beautiful packaging, these customers have large unattractive plastic pump bottles sitting in their bathrooms filled with white slimy creams, washes and lotions.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create products that feel, smell, and look great (packaging is important, yes!) as well as ones that genuinely heal, and then strengthen the skin into being healthier, more resilient and looking great. I really felt that this group of people deserved this!

In fact, the process was incredibly simple. I already had the best cleansers and moisturizers so I recreated them but without the essential oils. The oils, butters and waxes that created the bases of these products were already jam-packed with nutrients and healing abilities. The Jojoba & Calendula Cleanser and Argan & Rosehip Moisturizer were born. They had the gentle but sweet scent of infused herbs and natural butters and oils, the ultra-soft, easily absorbed textures and the same fantastic results after using them.

I tested them on over 50 diagnosed rosacea sufferers and the results were 100% positive!

I was thrilled.

To complete the “3 basics” (cleanser, water, moisturizer) I needed a water, as rosacea skin is often very dehydrated (just like the rest of us!) so I turned to my lovely hydrosols for the answer. Hydrosols are distilled plant waters, so they contain very dilute but still very potent plant compounds. The combination that I chose for the final formulation, of Rose Geranium and German Chamomile, is a classic herbalists synergy for highly sensitive and inflamed skin.

These 3, used individually or together, all help to calm the iconic redness and inflammation that rosacea sufferers contend with everyday. Once the skin is calmer it can absorb nutrients much more effectively and the healing can continue. As the skin’s acid mantle (read about the importance of this layer here) becomes healthier the skin becomes more robust and resilient meaning less flare ups and reactions. Red blotches, flakiness and swellings diminish leaving even skin tone and soft glowing skin. Perfect!

Next, I wanted to make these items available in one of my popular skin care sets. I remember very clearly the expense (and therefore resentment) in trying new products when you have “tricky” skin. My sets allow you to try many items for a few weeks, for the price of just slightly more than one full size product.

I created the Healing & Repairing Set. The cleanser, flower water and moisturizer became the foundation and I added in my Chamomile & Calendula Cream, a staple for any dry, irritated skin condition and my Repair Balm, a lanolin-based balm which makes a wonderful moisturizer alternative when mixed with generous amounts of flower water.

Finally, I poured through the feedback I had received from existing rosacea sufferer customers and they all had had good results with my best-selling Argan & Frankincense Serum, so I popped that in too! A great post-cleansing evening treatment. Since launching these unscented formulations they have become some of my best-sellers, showing just how many people have such tricky skin. I am so excited to have these products to offer when I now get asked “do you have anything for rosacea skin?”

Try my Healing & Repairing Skincare set for just $40 (plus tax) available online and at select retailers.

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