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These products are not so much about which one for which skin type, but more about the effect and results you are after!

When choosing a mask/exfoliant have the effect and results in mind, not just your skin type.  I have 3 to choose from and they all have their own unique properties and benefits:


Rose & Ginger

This one is oat based, so will be soothing and nourishing. It also has astringent rose to calm redness, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory matcha green tea and warming ginger to stimulate circulation and
keep blood flow pumping. Mix with warm water to soften the oats and be sure to removed with cool water or be prepared to feel the heat of the ginger!

Great for – dull, dry, inflamed and undernourished skin.


Lavender & White Willow

The base of rhassoul clay makes this one deep cleansing, but the addition of white willow, lavender and orange peel provides something much more spectacular. The white willow (a source of exfoliating hydroxy acids) speeds cell turnover whilst calming inflammation. It is one of a few herbs that has been proven to combat breakouts. The lavender adds further cooling and calming while orange peel helps with oil balance and dull depleted skin. Mix it with water to make a delicious fluffy and gently textured paste that lifts dead cells as you move it around the face.

Great for – acne and pimples, inflammation and dull, “flat” skin. This is my “go-to” when my skin needs a “fresh start”.


Berry & Hibiscus

This mask packs a punch, it’s fruit and berry based so is full of antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E and fats all which help your skin to plump up and glow. The sea buckthorn, elderberry and rosehips also contain hydroxy acids which exfoliate dead cells and speed up new cell growth. The hibiscus contains alpha-hydroxy acids, shown to increase moisture, flexibility and elasticity. Watch out as this one will stain your towels!

Great for – wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, skin brightening and acne


– How to Apply –

All three can be massaged onto the face and removed immediately for a quick exfoliate but if you have a spare few minutes the extra time will allow the herbs, fruits and berries to work their magic a little harder. I keep mine in the shower, a couple of times a week I mix it in the palm of my hand and apply it for as long as I’m in there for. Sadly, I don’t get many “spa-like” bath-time opportunities but I have found this way works great!


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