How to choose your new skin care

I want it to be easy to choose which products will suit your skin the best. I have created 3 collections to shop from; BALANCING, NOURISHING and CALMING.

Choose the collection which best describes your skin:

BALANCING: Normal, oily, combination, blemished, congested, hormonal acne, dull, teenage, inflamed, clogged pores

NOURISHING: Normal, dry, mature, sensitive, pigmented, delicate, sensitive, inflamed, fine lines, flaky, scarred, puffy

CALMING: Normal, delicate, reactive, eczema, rosacea, inflamed, red, hyper-sensitive, itchy

Sometimes our skin is a mix, in which case choose the products which appeal the most; which scents do you love the most?


I suggest most people start with the 3 BASICS;

HYDRATING MIST or SERUM (see below to choose)

For additional support;

FACE OILS  – for added nutrition and night-time treatments
EXFOLIANTS & MASKS  – as a once or twice weekly treatment, these are a great way to help your skin adapt to their new products.


Hydrating Mist or Hydrating Serum?
These products provide the all important water for our skin. If our skin is not properly hydrated it cannot be truly healthy.
The HYDRATING MISTS are lighter and less concentrated/absorbable so ideal for skin with a lesser need for additional water. Choose a mist if you are younger and/or the outside temperatures are warmer.
The HYDRATING SERUMS are more concentrated and a much more absorbable form of hydration, ideal for skin in need of a significant water boost. Choose a serum if your skin is more mature and/or the outside temperatures are cooler.

(Warmer air naturally hold more moisture so is less dehydrating for our skin. Conversely, cold air contains less of it’s own moisture and is therefore very drying for our skin.)