Please open all products within one year and use within one year.

No, just store them out of direct heat and sunlight.

Yes, all my products are safe during pregnancy.

No, all my products are safe and beneficial for the eye area, I recommend using your daytime moisturizer around the eye bone as a wonderful eye cream.

No, the daytime moisturizers make wonderful lip balms!

Absolutely! I have many happy men customers, just choose by the scents that appeal the most.

I can’t guarantee either way but I am very happy to report it is rare with my products. Breakouts will most often be caused by the damage that has been done by your old products rather than the new products you will be using. Unfortunately, there are many skin care lines which do not honour the processes and functions your skin is designed to do, in fact they set out to replace these functions with their own processes. When you stop using these types of products the skin has “forgotten” what it is meant to be doing and often reacts by breaking out, becoming excessively oily or dry, or other unwanted results. In the rare cases your skin has an undesirable response to switching to my products please do get in touch and let me know.

Our skin is made up of, and requires, both oil and water to be truly healthy. Each of us has different oil and water needs depending on our diet, lifestyle, prior skin care habits etc.
The water serums are purely water based, containing no oils and address hydration in the skin. The oil serums contain only plant and essential oils and work to nourish the skin with these oils.

Everyone and their skin is different so I cannot be specific but you should start to see real changes within a couple of weeks, and most people report dramatic improvement within 4-6 weeks.


When we changed the website, we built a completely new and improved platform. Unfortunately, this meant that your original account is now gone, and you will need to create a new one. I hope the new features and improved usability and information more than makes up for the inconvenience.

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Occasionally I am unable to make products due to the unavailability of ingredients, packaging, or just because I can’t keep up with orders! I will put a note on the product page to let you know when it will be back in stock.