A Feelings-based Approach to Skincare & Business

    I recently did some work with a wonderful business coach, helping me to get back in tune with the soul purpose of what I am doing. She asked me to identify how I wanted my customers to feel when they used my products. I thought it would be nice to share what I came up with, so here goes: I really hope you feel at least some of these things when using my products, I am excited to be working on some new products and projects coming to you soon.

    An aid in mindfulness | Skincare & Self Care


    Mindfulness is all the rage right now, and quite rightly so. In a fast-paced world when nothing seems quite enough, practicing this art may well just be the answer to keeping sane. Mindfulness means something different to everyone. For some it’s about increasing happiness and gratitude, for others slowing down so as not to miss the little things in life. As a busy mum, wife and business owner I find it hard to get the balance right between looking after myself and looking after everything else, and Inevitably it’s me that least amount of “looking after”. Without the luxury of lots of time to take time out, the practice of Mindfulness allows me to stay sane and happy in just a few minutes at a…


    I have roses on my mind today, I just received the February issue of my favourite (online) magazine ( and the first article is all about roses and their many wonderful benefits to our bodies and minds, AND I also just received the labels for a new HLS product to be launched on Valentine’s Day! A simple yet luxurious oil serum with the intoxicating scent of pure steam distilled organic Bulgarian Rose essential oil, one of the most coveted essential oils on the market today. I will reveal more details of the serum another time, today I wanted to share some of the reasons why I love roses so much. Now, I’m a flower person, I get real genuine joy from all flowers, but roses...

    My Bathroom Shelf

    Bathroom Shelf Helena Lane Skincare Products
    I love it when I get sent photos of your bathroom shelves showing my products you love and use everyday. I thought you might like to know what I'm using right now to keep my skin healthy and radiant this winter. Cleanser - In the summer I allow myself to get a little lazy with my nightly ritual of oil cleansing but in the winter my skin suffers if I do the same. I alternate between Chamomile & Mandarin and Lavender & Lime, using the latter if my skin is looking more congested (due to my monthly cycle). Exfoliant - The best way to improve your skin over these colder months is to exfoliate. I do it twice a week, in the shower. I like...

    Am I bad for wearing nail polish?

    Am I bad for wearing nail polish?
    I started a new dance class recently, it's called Nia and it's FANTASTIC. It's a mix of aerobics, free dance, martial arts, yoga and a whole lot more. I'm usually horrible at choreographed activities but there is really no pressure to "get it" in Nia. It gives me a great work out for my body and a wonderful freedom from my mind. So you have bare feet. I normally feel quite smug that I don't paint my toe nails, feeling freed from the pressures of fancy pedicures and gel nail polish. But for some reason my bare toe nails started to look boring and I started to have pretty toe nail envy of my fellow dancers. I also know how bad the chemicals are in...