White Willow

W is for White Willow I sometimes wonder how we became convinced that artificial ingredients, fragrances, and chemicals were a good idea to put on our skin. After all, people have been turning to plants for both beauty and medicinal reasons for thousands of years with great success. I’m so happy to see the tide turning back to safe, natural ingredients to support our skin and bodies. A perfect example is how the harsh, drying chemical salicylic acid can be replaced by the gentle, whole bark of the white willow.   Salicylic Acid If you’ve ever suffered from oily or blemished skin, you’re likely familiar with salicylic acid. It’s a prolific ingredient in acne treatments aimed at reducing oil, exfoliating the skin, and unclogging pores….

J is for Jojoba

Jojoba Oil Skincare

J is for Jojoba (“ho-ho-ba”) Why do I use this ingredient so much? Other than simply being fun to say, jojoba mimics our own skin’s natural oils; this means it’s both supportive and restorative when it comes to skincare.   What is Jojoba Oil? Jojoba oil is actually a wax ester that is produced from the seeds of the Simmondsia chinensis plant, found in areas such as Arizona, Mexico, and California. Common names for the plant are goat nut, deer nut, pig nut, wild hazel, quinine nut, coffeeberry, and gray box bush. The O’odham Hohowi people (indigenous Uto-Aztecs) are the ones credited with the name “jojoba”. They, and other southwestern indigenous people, have long treated burns and other wounds using the paste or oil from…

F is for Frankincense

Frankincense is one of my favourite oils for rejuvenating and repairing the skin. It’s also the star of my number one selling product, Argan & Frankincense Facial Oil. What makes this ancient tree resin so special that we have been treasuring it for thousands of years?   A Brief History of Frankincense Most of us were likely introduced to frankincense when we learned it was one of the gifts given to Christ at his birth by the Three Wise Men. They gifted him the treasures of myrrh, frankincense, and gold. And indeed, there are written records as far back as 1500 BC discussing uses for this prized resin. Frankincense is from the boswellia family of trees, which has never been domesticated or cultivated. It grows…

My Approach to Preteen and Teen Acne

Teen Acne

  My Approach to Preteen & Teen Acne   In an ideal world young people would not need to use products, however during the pre-teen and teenage years our skin, along with the rest of our bodies, goes through some changes and it’s important to support it. The odd pimple is inevitable as hormones rage through the body but full-blown acne can be crippling to the self-esteem. Using a gentle, natural approach can really help to minimize break outs and prevent scarring in the future. The problem with almost all drug store acne specific products is that they are all focused on killing the bacteria that can cause acne with no thought to the short or long-term health of the skin. Killing the bacteria is…

Collagen for healthy skin, nails, joints and digestion

Collagen Skin Health

This week on the blog, I am thrilled to welcome Registered Holistic Nutritionist Alice Savage, sharing her knowledge on collagen for skin health, along with a recipe for Collagen Lemonade!     I must have been in my mid 20’s when a relative of mine bet my cousin and I that we would be using Botox by the time we were 40. We of course said no at the time and for me it is still a firm NO. I never really though I would be adding something into my diet with the goal of healthier hair, joint pain relief, stronger nails and firmer skin. But here we are and I am adding collagen into my diet every day. I have noticed that my nails…

Hormonal Acne and Milk Thistle

Hormonal Acne and Milk Thistle

It’s always good to remember that our skin is often a reflection of our internal health. When battling any sort of skin issue it’s worth looking at what we can do inside and well as outside. (Before I begin, I am not a qualified herbalist or naturopath. I have worked alongside many and sought their advice often, which is why I feel good sharing this information. However, I strongly recommend you do your own research and consult a practitioner if you decide you would like to take any herbs internally.) When our skin is struggling, I like to remember what its functions are for our body and link that to why it is overburdened. One of the skin’s main functions is elimination of toxins through…

5 Ways I Prepare My Skin (& Body) for Winter

Prepare Skin for Winter

1. During the summer I get lazy about cleansing my face but as the weather gets cooler I become much stricter about using my oil cleanser every night. I really notice a difference in the texture and radiance of my skin when I cleanse more often. Over the winter I choose my Chamomile & Mandarin Cleanser as mandarin essential oil (like all citrus oils) is great at keeping the winter blues at bay. 2. Cold and dry air temperatures can cause the surface layers of our skin to dry out more easily. I keep flakiness away by exfoliating my face (and body) twice a week. My favourite exfoliators are my Lavender & White Willow or Berry & Hibiscus Mask and Exfoliator. For my body I…

Healing Cystic Acne with Natural Skincare

Natural Cystic Acne Treatment

Characterized by large, red, painful nodules under the skin cystic acne is one of the worst skin health issues to be faced with. Problems on our face can be crushing to our confidence, so the desire to find a solution is huge. There are internal prescription medicines and creams that can help to eliminate the nodules but sadly they are very harsh and can leave noticeable scarring, additional inflammation, or even internal issues such as long-term digestive or mental health issues. Thankfully we can treat and prevent cystic acne successfully with some more gentle, natural protocols. When a skin pore becomes blocked with dead cells, excess oil and sweat it can swell and eventually rupture under the skin causing inflammation and infection. As this spreads…

My Post-Summer Skincare Routine

After Summer Skincare

Summer is not over yet, but the sun is not as strong and as the children go back to school my days at the lake and long hours of sun baking are gone. It’s time to start thinking of giving my skin a little extra tlc. I’ll still be applying sun cream on the sunny days (now I’m mixing it 50:50 with my moisturizer) but in the evenings I’ll be doing this routine a couple of times per week to nourish my sun parched skin. Hibiscus & Berry Mask – packed with anti-oxidants, especially vitamin C, this mask is the best at cell repair. I will be mixing it with honey to ensure my skin is also soothed and moisturized. Hibiscus & Hyaluronic Flower Water…

Is your Skin Dry or Dehydrated?

dry skin

When researching new blog posts, I often turn to the questions I am asked the most, and this question is certainly asked a LOT. Just after I decided to write about this topic I got a lovely email from Alexis at (a website celebrating natural health & beauty) requesting to join my affiliate crew. On her website Alexis had already answered this question beautifully so I asked her if I could share it. Head on over to her website to read her other great posts too. The terms “moisture” and “hydration” are often used interchangeably in terms of skin care. This is SO WRONG. The underlying problems of dry skin and dehydrated skin are completely different things, so they often need to be treated differently….

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