Geranium Oil – It’s all about balance

    Geranium oil balancing skin

    This week’s blog has been part of my continuing series around the creation and formulation of the 2019 line. You can read parts 1-3 in this series as well: New Ingredient – Steam Distilled Lemon Essential Oil New product – Tropical Fruit & Coconut Mask New Ingredient – Sea Buckthorn   Geranium Oil & Skin Health   Geranium is one of the most well-known and well-used herbs for skin health. It’s up there with chamomile, calendula and lavender for it’s long history and effectiveness. Interestingly, I used to dislike the smell, a lot, which is why I didn’t use it when creating the original Helena Lane Skincare products 7 years ago. However, over the last few years I have been using it in my personal…

    Collagen for healthy skin, nails, joints and digestion

    Collagen Skin Health

    This week on the blog, I am thrilled to welcome Registered Holistic Nutritionist Alice Savage, sharing her knowledge on collagen for skin health, along with a recipe for Collagen Lemonade!     I must have been in my mid 20’s when a relative of mine bet my cousin and I that we would be using Botox by the time we were 40. We of course said no at the time and for me it is still a firm NO. I never really though I would be adding something into my diet with the goal of healthier hair, joint pain relief, stronger nails and firmer skin. But here we are and I am adding collagen into my diet every day. I have noticed that my nails…