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These products are not so much about which one for which skin type, but more about the effect and results you are after! When choosing a mask/exfoliant have the effect and results in mind, not just your skin type.  I have 3 to choose from and they all have their own unique properties and benefits:   Rose & Ginger This one is oat based, so will be soothing and nourishing. It also has astringent rose to calm redness, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory matcha green tea and warming ginger to stimulate circulation and keep blood flow pumping. Mix with warm water to soften the oats and be sure to removed with cool water or be prepared to feel the heat of the ginger! Great for – dull,…

Which products are right for you? Some tips on how to choose

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time now, I get a lot of messages every week asking for help with choosing which products are right for them. Because of this, I feel like I’m missing something on my website. I haven’t quite realized what it is yet (maybe it’s this blog post!) so in the meantime I hope this helps. Choosing is actually really simple, explaining it is less so... There is really only one rule, and two exceptions One rule Choose the products you like the smell of (or sound of as we don’t have smellable-computers yet). I’m a big believer in allowing our body and/or intuition to make the decisions. 1st exception: If your skin is very reactive (such...


Skincare Gifts

With Christmas just around the corner I am now beginning to write Christmas gift lists. I used to think it was really Hard to choose skin care items to give as a gift, “isn’t skin care really personal?” I would always say to myself. But this will be my 6th year of owning a skin care company and what I’ve discovered is that giving skin care doesn’t have to mean “your skin doesn’t look great, try this” it is actually giving a gift that is luxurious but useful. Most people I know are trying to have less stuff in our lives so giving something consumable is ideal; delicious food, fun experiences and beautiful skin care all fit into this category. So, what can you pick…

Becoming an affiliate for Helena Lane Skincare

Do you find yourself recommending Helena Lane Skincare to your nearest and dearest and your work colleagues, and even the lady on the bus? If so, I would like to invite you to become an affiliate. Having affiliates is a way that I can pay back and thank my most avid fans for spreading the word. As a small company, I rely almost exclusively on word of mouth to build my business, I also know that word of mouth is the most effective advertising and marketing tool available to me. Like my skin care, simplicity is the key in my affiliate program. There are no commitments, time-frames or pages of small print. This is how it works: When you sign up I will allocate you...
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