Geranium Oil – It’s all about balance

Geranium oil balancing skin

This week’s blog has been part of my continuing series around the creation and formulation of the 2019 line. You can read parts 1-3 in this series as well: New Ingredient – Steam Distilled Lemon Essential Oil New product – Tropical Fruit & Coconut Mask New Ingredient – Sea Buckthorn   Geranium Oil & Skin Health   Geranium is one of the most well-known and well-used herbs for skin health. It’s up there with chamomile, calendula and lavender for it’s long history and effectiveness. Interestingly, I used to dislike the smell, a lot, which is why I didn’t use it when creating the original Helena Lane Skincare products 7 years ago. However, over the last few years I have been using it in my personal…

New ingredient – Sea buckthorn

Using Sea Buckthorn in Skincare

When making skin care formulations I like to really get to know an ingredient before using it. Even when there is lots of great information, and research telling me its benefits. Sea buckthorn intrigued me right from the start, its intense orange colour drew me in and had me hooked. It glows with vibrancy and health. Sea buckthorn is a smallish shrub covered in prickles (it tries hard to keep hold of its treasure!) which, in late summer, produces hundreds of bright orange berries. It loves hot, dry weather and thrives in marginal soil. Ontario is a big growing region and it’s even grown right here in BC. It’s in the bright orange berries that the wonderful oil is found. It is exceptionally rich in…

New Product – Tropical Fruit and Coconut Mask (coming soon)

Tropical Fruit Coconut mask

Using fruit acids to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin is very popular in skin care products, and rightly so. Fruits contain various acids all of which can have fantastic benefits for our skin. Many skincare companies either extract and concentrate or even synthesize artificially these acids in order to create faster and more potent effects. However, my philosophy includes being gentle to the skin, and too much of these acids can cause burning and damage, sometimes long term, to the surface of our skin. I always like to use the whole plant or food as much as possible as I believe in a holistic approach to using natural ingredients. ie. Although we might know that one particular compound is responsible for the action we are…

Steam Distilled Organic Lemon Essential Oil

lemon essential oil

As I finalize my new formulations, I wanted to start introducing some of the new ingredients I will be using. Starting with one of my favourites. Steam Distilled Organic Lemon Essential Oil     I am a massive fan of all things citrus, to eat, apply or smell and lemon tops them all for me. There is something so clean and vibrant about this fruit, it gets me every time. Lemon essential oil has wonderful properties for the skin, including oil balance, skin toning, acne fighting, and skin lightening. Reducing pigmentation in the skin is notoriously hard with natural products but I have seen lemon oil work great for this. Using lemon essential oil can be tricky though as the most common way to produce…

Organic Sun Cream FAQs

Organic Sun Cream FAQs

March was unseasonably hot and dry here in BC which sparked the sun cream sales, and along with that lots of questions. Here are the most frequently asked questions about my organic sun creams. Organic Mineral Suncream FAQs 1. What SPF are they equivalent to? My sun creams are not (yet) tested by Health Canada for an official SPF rating. The amount of zinc I use combined with the natural filters of the base ingredients could give an SPF rating of about 30. BUT everyone’s skin is different and we recommend you reapply regularly when out in the sun until you know how the product and your skin react in the sun. 2. Can the sun creams be used on the face? Absolutely! They are safe…

Distilling for Hydrosols

Distilling essential oils and hydrosols

Like most children I loved making potions from picked flowers and leaves, maybe some mud and if I was lucky a berry or two. I would shake it up, pop it in empty jars, label them with a name like “Helena’s magical dandelion and daisy perfume” and try to sell them to passers by. Little did I know that 30-odd years later I would be doing just that…all be it with fancier labels and a more effective way of selling! Essential oils were one of the first “raw” ingredients that I fell in love with many years ago but I didn’t really encounter hydrosols (aqueous distilled plants/flower waters) until I moved to Canada and started formulating my own line of skin care products. The more…

Time for a change (don’t worry…just a little bit!)

Business Refresh

Last month I told you that I had been working with a coach to help keep me moving forward with the business. It became clear that after 6 years of minimal creative changes to the producvts we have been making, it is time for me to start creating and formulating again. After all, this is what I love doing the most! One of my core goals I created with her was to bring you all along for the journey that is Helena Lane Skincare. So rather than announcing a new line of products, I’m announcing the beginning of the creative process. Most of the products available today were created just over 6 years ago, and although the bulk of my experience (in years) was before…

Beat the Heat with Hydrosols

Phew it’s hot right now! It’s easy to remember to wear sun creams to protect against burning but how do we protect ourselves from overheating? When temperatures get this hot I love having one of my flower waters handy to spritz my face and body. Not only do they smell great, but the plant hydrosols and essential oils have uplifting and cooling effects on the body. For me, the Lavender & Mint Flower Water is ideal during the day. Although lavender has the reputation of being just a sleep inducing plant, it also uplifts, especially when combined with mint. This flower water contains both spearmint and peppermint to create a lovely light minty blend. All three plants actively cool the body when spritzed onto the...

2 New Ways to use my Berry & Hibiscus Mask

berry hibiscus mask

While visiting Edmonton last month (I visited Kolya Naturals, one of my retailers) the lovely ladies there have me a sample of a wonderful honey-based face mask to treat myself with that night in the hotel. While I lay on my hotel bed, face slathered in fancy mask, I thought about my Berry & Hibiscus Mask and how great it would be to add in something different. My exfoliants and masks all come as powders, formulated to have water added just before you apply them. This ensures the mask is fresh and active and allows me to avoid adding harmful preservatives. Although water is all they need, there is no reason why you can’t play around and add other ingredients too.. our fridges and cupboards…

Oil Serum vs. Water Serum

oil serum water serum

I’ll be the first to admit some of my product names can be a little confusing (I’ll be working on this next year), but the one that seems to baffle the most is the two different types of serums I have. So, here’s a quick help guide: There are two types of serums, one is oil-based and one is water-based. Oil Based Serums Argan & Frankincense Jasmine & Pomegranate Rose & Starflower Water Based (hyaluronic) Serums Hibiscus Rose Petal Lavender Rose Geranium Our skin is moisturized when we use BOTH oil and water, so when choosing which skin care products to buy we ideally need something water-based and something oil-based. (Cosmetics often have oil and water in the same product, find out why I don’t…

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