What are the flower waters for?

I get asked lots of different questions when talking about my products but this is one of the most common ones….
What are the flower waters for?…. it’s a great question!

Our skin needs both water & oils to be fully hydrated and moisturized.
Skin cells need both oils and water to function properly, using one but not the other will leave your skin lacking and not looking great. To get maximum moisture into the skin I recommend using a flower water and an oil (serum or moisturizer) together.

Why do I keep oil & water separate?
When oil and water are combined together into a traditional cream they require emulsifiers and preservatives. I keep oil and water separate because emulsifiers and preservatives are some of the most toxic and irritating ingredients used in cosmetics.

Does regular tap water work to hydrate?
Plain old water does not absorb into the skin very well, it also has a different pH to our skin. It can also contain other junk like chlorine & fluoride. Having a damp face will help with the absorption of the oils but won’t provide much genuine hydration.

Why are my Flower Waters totally awesome?
My flower waters are made from certified organic hydrosols. True hydrosols are produced by steam distilling plants and result in a magical liquid with enormous skin health benefits. Hydrosols are effectively absorbed into the skin providing many water and oil soluble nutrients from the plants.

How Do Your Use Flower Waters?
Either spray your face generously with one of my flower waters before you apply your oil, or mix the oil and flower water in your palm before pressing it into your skin.

Feel Like You Need Even More Hydration?
Choose my New Hibiscus & Hyaluronic Flower Water, with the divine scent of Jasmine. This flower water contains sodium hyaluronate (a naturally occurring complex sugar) which transports up to ten times more water into the skin! I will look at this new ingredient in detail in my next newsletter.

I have 3 flower waters:

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