My Bathroom Shelf

I love it when I get sent photos of your bathroom shelves showing my products you love and use everyday. I thought you might like to know what I’m using right now to keep my skin healthy and radiant this winter.

Cleanser – In the summer I allow myself to get a little lazy with my nightly ritual of oil cleansing but in the winter my skin suffers if I do the same. I alternate between Chamomile & Mandarin and Lavender & Lime, using the latter if my skin is looking more congested (due to my monthly cycle).

Exfoliant – The best way to improve your skin over these colder months is to exfoliate. I do it twice a week, in the shower. I like the Lavender & White Willow best right now, it leaves my skin so silky soft and ready for a big boost of…

Serum – This winter my skin has been a little more congested (due to hormonal changes since stopping breastfeeding) and tired looking (due to ongoing interrupted nights by the toddler) so I have been using my Jasmine & pomegranate Serum to “keep things moving”. Tiredness and hormonal changes can really cause stagnation in your skin which can lead to pimples and an extra pale, dull complexion. This serum really helps to combat this.

Water – It’s so important to keep the skin hydrated in the winter, cold outside days and inside heaters and fores dry the skin. I always love my Rose & Frankincense Flower Water best, I mist it all over me, all the time!

Moisturizer – I don’t use this everyday, only if my skin is feeling dry, or if it needs protecting from the elements; a nice long walk, or a day on the ski hill. I use the Argan & Neroli Moisturizer as I am prone to being pale and so the mandarin oil really helps to keep my cheeks rosy!

As the weather gets warmer my moisturizer will get less and less use and my serums will become my exclusive source of face oils and I will exfoliate less. I will keep my skin well hydrated with flower waters and hyaluronic serums.

My skin is healthy, but it changes all the time, so I always tailor my routine to my skin’s needs. Sometimes I need more oil, sometimes more water and if I’m feeling like my skin is not looking as good as I want it to, I give it a good (but gentle) scrub and boost with serum!

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